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Ningbo Jingyuan Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. was founded in May 1995, from its inception, King Greenfield general manager set a compelling vision, to do first-class enterprises, the Yangtze River Delta region developed into a scale enterprise and technology are in a leading Professional heat treatment processing enterprises, and to "mutually beneficial cooperation and win-win for our customers to create the most value" as a business purpose to make unremitting efforts.

Based on the starting point of professional development heat treatment processing services, we must have good heat treatment equipment be guaranteed, despite the beginning of the venture capital very difficult, but companies are still the highest standards at the time of heat treatment technology to synchronize the development of requirements for the equipment investment, and domestic heat treatment equipment manufacturing industry leader - Jiangsu Feng Dong Thermal Technology Co., Ltd. (domestic heat treatment equipment industry's only listed company, A share stock code: 002530) in-depth long-term cooperation, more than ten years has invested 35 million yuan to the introduction: UBE-1000KG carburizing automated production lines 7 sets, UM-8080 mesh belt furnace carburizing production line 2, UM-10067 and UM-8050 mesh belt furnace quenching and tempering production line 3, VKNQ-1000KG vacuum high pressure (10Bar) gas quenching furnace Taiwan (Germany ALD company authorized to manufacture), VKQF-600KG vacuum oil quench furnace 1, VCH-1000KG hydrocarbon solvent-based vacuum cleaning machine, high-frequency induction heating quenching equipment 5 sets, five sets of cryogenic processing device and synchronize Configure a full range of imported high-precision testing equipment and auxiliary equipment to enable enterprises to have a full production capacity of the heat treatment process, such as carburizing, carbonitriding, quenching, protective atmosphere hardening, vacuum high pressure gas quenching, vacuum oil quenching, vacuum cleaning, vacuum annealing, induction heating hardening, cryogenic treatment and other advanced technology, and with the auto parts, bearing rings, electric tools parts, precision molds, and other industries with long-term and stable business cooperation deals.



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